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The Estonian band Apelsin (Estonian for "Orange") was created in 1974 by Tõnu Aare. They enjoyed widespread popularity during the Soviet era, playing concerts all over the Soviet Union, singing in Estonian and Russian.

The original lineup included Tõnu Aare, Ants Nuut, Harry Kõrvits and Jaan Arder. They were soon joined by Gunnar Kriik, Ivo Linna and Mati Nuude.

Two of the founding members - Tõnu Aare and Ants Nuut - are still in the band. Both told ETV's program "Ringvaade" that the band is still in a great shape and enjoys giving concerts.

Jubilee concerts will take place between November 11-16 all over Estonia.

The style of the group has been described as "from Polka to Rock" and many of the songs have satirical lyrics.

Apelsin's name was inspired by the fact that during the Soviet times, oranges were available only once a year.

"Everybody likes it, both young and old. It is tasty, juicy, with yummy smell. It is beautiful and cheerful ... creates a nice mood for the party," the band decribes themselves on their homepage.