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Silver Meikar
Silver Meikar Source: Photo: ERR

Former Reform Party parliamentarian Silver Meikar, who went public with a party financing scandal against the party in 2012, has returned to mainstream politics, joining the Social Democrats.

“The decisive factor in joining the Social Democrats was that the party has more than others stood for human rights and civil liberties, not only with words but also actions,” Meikar told

He said the decision to return to politics was motivated by the events in Kyiv and eastern Ukraine.

Meikar won around 6,000 votes at the European Parliament election in May, running as a individual candidate, and has been traveling to Ukraine to report on the conflict for media companies in Estonia.

Meikar joined the Reform Party in 1997 and served two terms as MP from 2003-04, then again from 2006-11, before being thrown out in 2012 for accusing the party of taking in cash from unknown or shady sources.

The Prosecutor's Office did not find enough evidence to prosecute, but political commentators and even authorities said the dirty money scheme probably did happen. Other parties, most notably the Center Party, were also accused.