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Ewert and the Two Dragons, an internationally recognized Estonian indie-rock band, has released its first single from their third album. The song is titled "Pictures" and released under Warner Bros Records.

The song was produced by Ryan Hadlock and recorded near Seattle, the US, last year.

The band told ERR's Radio 2: "We agreed from early on that this would be the first single from the album. It acts as a bridge between the last and the new album."

"The song is about inevitable changes, about how we often try to resist even the ones that are good for us in the end," said Erki Pärnoja, the band's guitarist and the author of the song.

Ewert and the Two Dragons' first album "The Hills Behind the Hills" was released in 2009. Their second album, "Good Man Down", released in 2011, received critical acclaim in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, France and Sweden.

Ewert and the Two Dragons was the winner of the 2013 European Border Breakers Awards and have picked up numerous Estonian Music Awards. "Good Man Down" was voted the Hit of the Year by ERR's Radio 2 listeners in 2011.

Ewert and the Two Dragons consists of vocalist Ewert Sundja, guitarist Erki Pärnoja, drummer Kristjan Kallas and bassist Ivo Etti.