Vseviov: New Russian propaganda channel replacing reality with fantasy ({{commentsTotal}})

Historian and academic David Vseviov said that the Russian government's plan to begin broadcasting news in 30 languages, including in Estonian, is the next step in the drive to replace reality with fantasy.

“In all seriousness, this should not be taken as a concrete move, but as a tendency and direction back towards the Soviet Union where life on the television screen and on radio had nothing to do with reality,” Vseviov told Delfi.

“The target audience for the channel are the creators themselves, as attempting to deceit others, they are actually deceiving themselves.” he said.

The Russian media outlet called "Sputnik" is planning to begin broadcasting in 30 languages in 2015.

Creators say the channel, which will begin with radio broadcasts, will offer something for those who are tired of aggressive propaganda, and one which paints an exclusive picture of the world.

Besides Estonian, news and shows in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Finnish, German, Japanese, Latvian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages, among many others, will be aired.

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