ERR News poll: Vast majority find alcoholism a concern in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

The notorious signs will be crossed out. Source: (ERR)

Only 8 percent of ERR News readers think that Estonia does not have a problem with alcohol, but the 92 percent differ in their opinion on which methods should be used to combat the problem.

ERR News asked its readers whether a recent initiative by the Tallinn City Government to restrict alcohol sales, including a total retail ban on Sundays, is the way forward. A third of the respondents said that more focus should be placed on those who abuse drinking, instead of total ban, affecting everyone.

Only 16 percent backed the path, taken by the local council, while 24 percent called for more research into the subject.

Slightly less than a fifth of poll participants focused on the effect on tourism. According to different estimates, between 20 and 30 percent of all alcohol retail sales in Estonia are attributed to tourists, with the vast majority of that business taking place around the Port of Tallinn.

The ban on alcohol sales in Tallinn's shops on Sundays begins at the start of March next year, coincidentally the day of the national elections. A number of other, slightly less major, restrictions will also enter into effect next year.

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