Jürgen Ligi becomes chairman of the National Defense Committee ({{commentsTotal}})

Former Finance Minister Jürgen Ligi, who resigned in the end of October following a Facebook gaffe, has been chosen to replace Mati Raidma as the chairman of the Parliament's National Defense Committee.

Aivar Riisalu of the IRL will continue as the deputy chair.

Mati Raidma, who will become the new minister of the environment, is set to leave the Parliament on November 17.

"I am happy to refresh my ties with the area of defense and I find the responsibility that comes with the position motivating. I no longer have to fight for cooperation between different institutions like I did when I served as the Defense Minister. At least in principal questions, the development of our national defense is agreed upon. My main task is to see to the approval of the long-prepared
National Defense Act," Ligi told Delfi.

Ligi served as the minister of defense from 2005 to 2007.

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