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The Estonian national football team failed to beat San Marino, officially the world's worst team, while fencers, competing in World Cup stages in Tallinn and China, did not get anywhere close to a medal.

Estonia was expected to beat San Marino, last in FIFA's ratings and with just one win and now three draws from its last 123 official matches, especially having defeated a much stronger Norwegian side just a few days previously.

Estonia dominated and had a number of great chances, but failed to unnerve the defensive line of the tiny nation. On the few occasions when an Estonian player did beat the defense, goalkeeper Aldo Simonicini was in top form.

Estonia now has four points from as many games, sitting in fifth place, only ahead of San Marino. Switzerland, Slovenia and Lithuania all have six points, while England has won all of its games and is in the lead with 12 points.

San Marino had lost 61 straight games.


The male fencing team failed at the first hurdle at the 45th Glaive de Tallinn, a World Cup stage held in Tallinn over the weekend. The team, lacking former double world champion Nikolai Novosjolov, came second to Spain 45-39 in the first round.

In the individual competition in Tallinn, Novosjolov, Estonia's best male fencer, did not get much closer to the podium, finishing 13th.


The Estonian women fared only a little better at their World Cup stage in Xuzhou, China. The team came eighth, beating Brazil in the second round but then losing to Sweden 45-33.

Individually, no female Estonian fencer made the top 16, despite five out of six qualifying for the main tournament.

Estonian male and female fencers have won a number of individual and team medals from European and world championships in the past few years.


Estonian US National Football League player Margus Hunt was taken off the field on a cart after injuring his right ankle Sunday. He was listed as questionable to play next week.

Hunt, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals, is the first Estonian who is not a US citizen to play in the NFL. However, he has been demoted to a backup player this season, struggling against injuries and with proper technique in his second year in the league.

Cincinnati beat New Orleans 27-10 on the road, and now stand at 6-3-1, and first in the AFC Northern Division.

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