WATCH: Youth short film competition 'Once in our village, vol. 2' ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian youngsters focused on country life in 38 short videos submitted to the "Once in our village, vol. 2" film competition. ERR News brings to you our personal favorites.

"We have received a vivid selection of short films, there are some humorous ones but also thought-provoking, beautiful approaches," said Mikk Granström, the head of JustFilm, which is organizing the competition for the second year.

"Students' interest in film making has increased every year and this is reflected in the quality of this year's entries. There are several very well executed films among them," he added.

The entries are judged by a five-strong panel, including film experts, but also a youth worker and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, on whose idea the competition was first launched.

As a built-up to the competition, JustFilm's team visited more than 40 schools and youth centers all over Estonia and gave advice on how to go about making a short film. "I believe we have succeeded in getting the children interested in the film industry, as well as made them think about the pros of life outside of large cities and what fun that can be had in the countryside," Granström said.

One of the recurring motifs in the films is the growing dependence on social media, which can start interfering with real life.

The winner will be announced on November 22.

News offers a small sample of this year's entries, which are especially notable for their visual language.

"Betra and Fjoodor" by Birgit Käsper:

"A Visit" by Sven Olters:

"One day at Lepiksaare" by Raiko Ilger:

"Which life do YOU prefer?" by Ardi Raamets:

"Last breaths of the fall" by Priidu Saart:

The rest of the entries can be viewed here.

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