Social Democrats and museum at odds over Tammsaare depiction ({{commentsTotal}})

The Social Democrat election campaign, featuring Estonian cultural figures from the pre-war era, has drawn criticism from the Anton Hansen Tammsaare museum, with museum head Maarja Vaino saying Tammsaare never joined a political movement and the Social Democrats are not respecting his political positions.

Vaino said that Tammsaare was an ardent democrat, even in the autocratic period in Estonia of the second half of the 1930s. She said the party's interpretation - that Tammsaare was in contact with left-leaning organizations and people meaning he was a Social Democrat - is wrong. Vaino said Tammsaare was friends with a great number of people from different fields and political beliefs.

According to Jaak Juske, the Social Democrat member of Tallinn City Council, and historian, the aim of the campaign is to celebrate 95 years of land reform, which put an end to the rule of large manor estates over Estonian farmers.

The reform was driven through by social democrats and Juske said that the beginning of the last century was a golden period for the ideology. Tammsaare did consider joining the Social Democrats back then, he said.

“Social Democrats have an important role in the foundation of the Estonian state. The same Estonian Constituent Assembly, which had a Social Democrat majority, laid the foundation for the independence of Estonia,” Juske said.