Online magazine rates Tallinn as 40th-most inspiring city in the World ({{commentsTotal}})

The online magazine "GOOD", which bills itself as a "magazine for the global citizen," has released an index listing "The 50 most Inspiring Cities in the World." Tallinn finished 40th in the index's second year.

"GOOD" says that it is potential in a city that it looks for: "We believe that a city’s heartbeat is best measured in “possibility” - the pervading sense that though a place may be far from perfect, its citizens are taking a bold stake in its future through a mixture of creativity, hustle, and civic engagement," the magazine wrote.

Hong Kong finished first in the index, up from 24th, and the magazine pointed out that the push by its citizens for democratic change this year showed that "impassioned protests could be conducted with the utmost civility." It was followed by Johannesburg, South Africa, and Mexico City, Mexico.

Of European cities, Budapest finished eighth, Belgrade 13th, Berlin 15th, Paris 22nd, Riga 32nd, Dublin 34th, and Warsaw 50th.

You can see the full index here.