Eston Kohver's health good, consul says ({{commentsTotal}})

An Estonian consul in Moscow met with the abducted Estonian internal secret service agent Eston Kohver on Wednesday in Moscow. According to the consul, Kohver is healthy.

On what was the sixth meeting between the Estonian embassy and the agent, the consul stressed to Kohver that Estonia is doing everything it can, to achieve his imminent release, the Foreign Ministry said to ERR.

The Estonian government has asked the Russian authorities to give Estonian doctors permission to assess Kohver's medical condition, but Moscow has so far not even replied to this request. Estonian authorities have also challenged the Russian decision to carry out a psychiatric assessment on Kohver, but also without any response.

The consul passed on messages from Kohver's family and also provided food and other necessary items. The meeting lasted about an hour and was closely guarded by the officials at Lefortovo prison, operated by the Russian secret service, the FSB.

The Lefortovo district court in Moscow has previously extended Kohver's incarceration until January 5.

Despite the fact that the UN has called Russia to release Kohver, the Estonian is still held captive in Moscow’s infamous Lefortovo prison, operated by the FSB.

Lefortovo is a notorious prison that during the Stalin's Great Purge was used by the NKVD for interrogations with torture. The detainment of political prisoners continued under KGB and in 2005 it was handed to the FSB – the Russian successor of the KGB.

Kohver, Estonian authorities say, was in the line of duty and collecting information on cross-border corruption within the framework of an information collection plan in the vicinity of the Estonian-Russian border, when he was abducted on September 5. Estonia has always insisted that Kohver's abduction violates international law. Russia is holding him on spying charges.