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Many well-known Estonian media figures have recently joined the Isamaa and Res Publica (IRL) Party, and announced that they will stand for the Parliament. Kalle Muuli is the latest in a list.

Veteran journalist and broadcaster Kalle Muuli disclosed on Thursday that he has decided to take a shot at politics and will stand for the parliament in next elections that will take place in March. His party of choice is IRL.

Muuli started his career in 1989 as a reporter, later working as the Editor-in-Chief of Eesti Päevaleht and deputy editor of Postimees. He has been an anchor of ERR's Radio 2 politics prorgam “Olukorrast riigis” since 1995. Currently, he is the Editor-in-chief of the teacher's newspaper, “Õpetajate Leht”.

Muuli is also the author of many books chronicling the recent political history of Estonia, about former Isamaaliit party, and former Prime Minister Mart Laar. He recently also published a book about the history of the governing Reform Party, which celebrated 20 year in politics this month. According to Anvar Samost, Muuli's former colleague at Postimees and ERR and now also an IRL politician, it was while writing this book that Muuli decided to go into politics.

"The more time he spent writing this book, the more he understood that something needs to be changed," Samost said to Delfi on Thursday.

On Monday, Muuli wrote a critical opinion article on Postimees where he argued that it is not good for Estonia if one party is at the helm of the government as long as the Reform Party has been. Reform has been in the coalition government for 15 years, and Prime Ministerial party for nine years in a row.

Muuli said the Reform Party is not introducing reforms anymore, and is merely doing everything it can to stay in power for the sake of it. He said that if Reform will become prime ministerial party again after next election in March, it will threaten the democracy in Estonia, as other parties will gradually get weaker.

Before Muuli, the former editor-in-chief of Postimees, Anvar Samost, ETV's veteran TV-host Maire Aunaste and Eesti Ekspress journalist Viktoria Ladõnskaja have joined IRL to stand for the Parliament. Prolific TV-host Mihkel Raud and another Eesti Ekspress journalist, Andrei Hvostov, have joined the Social Democrat ranks.

The Reform Party has attracted ERR's Radio 2 editor Heidy Purga.