Songwriters Matvere and Tätte recognized as civil diplomats ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian actors and singer-songwriters Marko Matvere and Jaan Tätte were recognized as civil diplomats for introducing Estonia abroad on Citizens Day, November 26th.

On Wednesday, on the occasion of Citizen's Day, Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus presented certificates of honor to civil diplomats who have made a great personal contributions to introducing Estonia in the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Russia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere around the globe.

In 2012, Matvere and Tätte sailed around the world with a yacht, giving another dimension to Ernest Hemingway's quote in his novel "To Have and Have Not" - "In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found."

Matvere is one of the most famous and expensive Estonian actors, making many movie appearances, including playing legendary Georg Ots in "Georg". Tätte is more known for his contemplative songwriting skills that have won over many hearts in Estonia.

Certificates of honor are presented to people who, on a voluntary basis, have contributed to creating a positive image of Estonia in their home country for an extended period in an outstanding manner.

According to Pentus-Rosimannus, Estonia highly appreciates every person's contribution to increasing the influence of the country's foreign policy, maintaining a good reputation and preserving the Estonian language and culture abroad.

"Estonia's renomé and good reputation is also an important guarantee of security, among other things. The more good friends we have throughout the world, the stronger the country feels. The best way to achieve this, is to build an Estonian state that we ourselves love and appreciate in such a way, that it shows afar," she said.