Foreign Affairs Committee to meet with UN and US officials ({{commentsTotal}})

A delegation from the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee flew to the United States to meet with the dignitaries of the United Nations and the US over the weekend. The meetings will focus on the changed national security situation in Europe, and strengthening cooperation between Estonia and the US.

"Both the UN and the US play and important role in Estonia's security," said Marko Mihkelson, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. "Russian aggression toward Ukraine has shaken up global security principles and it is therefore all the more necessary to actively engage with our partners and allies. We have to do everything in our power to keep the international justice system from suffering further damage."

The delegation, made up of Marko Mihkelson, Barbi Pilvre, Vladimir Velman and Margus Hanson, will meet with the UN officials in New York City, and the representatives of the US Congress, the White House, and the defense and state departments in Washington, D.C.