Unique wreck of tsarist-era Russian submarine placed under protection ({{commentsTotal}})

A wreck confirmed as the legendary submarine Akula this summer was today declared a cultural heritage site by the Estonian Minister of Culture, Urve Tiidus.

An Estonian Maritime Administration survey ship discovered the wreck in 2012 near Hiiumaa Island. The wreck, which was initially thought to be a German U-boat, lies 26-29 meters deep.

The National Heritage Board put the wreck under temporary protection in June 2014, as soon as the divers confirmed that it was the Akula. It is considered an internationally important archaeological source and the last resting place of 35 crew members, who perished with it.

The Akula, or the Shark, was built in 1907. It was sunk by a mine in November 1915. With a range of 3,500 kilometers, when surfaced, and 70 kilometers when submerged, it was the biggest sub in the Imperial Russian fleet.

More photos of the wreck can be found here.

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