ERR News poll: e-residency is a good attempt at innovation ({{commentsTotal}})

the world has received it's first ever e-resident, journalist and writer Edward Lucas. Lucas was presented with Estonia's digital identity card by President Ilves on Monday, when the e-residency project opened for applications. Source: (ERR)

After Estonia's e-residency project went live on Monday and President Ilves ceremoniously handed the first e-resident's ID card to well-known Estophile Edward Lucas, ERR News asked its readers about their opinions on the program, which has received a lot of media attention all over the world but does, like the creator's themselves admit, still requires a lot more work to become a global success story.

The overwhelming majority of the over 100 respondents were positively minded toward the program. An equal number of people - 37 percent of the total - believed that e-residency is an example of how Estonia continues to be on the cutting edge of the world e-service innovation and that the e-residency is good for businesspeople, who will be its primary users.

One in seven respondents, however, thought that the project is largely a gimmick, with little serious effects. Roughly around as many had not heard of the project at all.

Only one person found that opening its e-services to foreigners is a security risk for Estonia.

ERR News asked its readers if e-residency was a global game changer or a gimmick. The results were as follows:

37 percent - an example of how Estonia continues to be on the cutting edge of world e-service innovation
37 percent - nice for the businesspeople abroad, who will be its primary users
13 percent - bah, humbug!
12 percent - what e-residency?
1 percent - a security threat to Estonia

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