Estonia to open an embassy in Romania ({{commentsTotal}})

The Cabinet made a decision today to open an Estonian embassy in Romania, after Romanian President Traian Basescu signed a decree in early November to establish an embassy in Tallinn.

Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus said that the opening of embassies is an important step towards strengthening bilateral cooperation. "Romania is one of the largest and most important countries in southeastern Europe and a valued partner for Estonia both in the EU and NATO," she added.

The foreign minister says private sector cooperation is one of the key objectives of the embassy. "As Romania is a potential, growing market, we must help Estonian producers enter it and make best use of the opportunities it offers," she said.

The Estonian embassy will open in Bucharest next year.

The Estonian ambassador to Romania was resident in Warsaw from 2000-2013. The current ambassador, Eerik Marmei, is residing in the US. Estonia also has two honorary consuls in Romania: Ingrid Cristea Vendelin in Bucharest and Ovidiu Brînzan in Timișoara.

Romanian Ambassador to Estonia Marian Cătălin Avramescu is currently residing in Helsinki.

Romania and Estonia established diplomatic relations on February 26, 1921 and re-established them on September 13, 1991.