Rescue service to island residents: Batten down the hatches tonight ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian Rescue Service is advising people to stay indoors and call 112 in case of an emergency as a storm hits the islands and western coast late tonight, but the capital region should only be grazed by the gusts.

According to the National Weather Service, winds from the south are expected to rapidly increase from around midnight onward, reaching storm levels on Saturday morning. The shore will be hit by winds of 70-90 kph, with gusts up to 110 kph, 125 kph on the islands. Eyes will be on Pärnu as the winds are forecasted to be blowing right into the wedge of the bay on Saturday, which can result in storm surge. The winds should ease on Saturday afternoon.

The Rescue Service advises people to stay indoors and postpone all travel if possible. Everyone who still needs to go outdoors should be extremely careful and look out for falling trees and damaged power lines, they said; people should also be prepared for prolonged power outages, have a flashlight at hand and the cellphone battery charged. All cars should be parked in open areas and loose items tied down or sheltered.

Väinamere Liinid said there may be disruptions in ferry service but, as for now, no cancellations.

Current modeling calls for a blustery day in Tallinn, with sustained winds generally under 60 kph, with guests up to 70 kph. "The curious should not go to the piers and beaches to enjoy the high waves, as this may mean extra work for rescue services and the police," said Deputy Mayor Kalle Klandorf

Here is a list of numbers to call:

  • Medical emergencies and events that pose a direct threat - general emergency number 112
  • Power outages (wait 10-15 minutes before calling) - 1343
  • Information on trees and other obstacles on the roads - 1510
  • Report storm damages in Tallinn - 1345
  • Local volunteer rescue workers will also help with storm damage, their contact details can be found here.


Editor: A. Krjukov, M.Oll, K. Rikken

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