Tallinn-Brussels flights grounded today due to strike ({{commentsTotal}})

Half of the air traffic in and out of Brussels Airport have been grounded today, including four flights between Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport and the Belgian capital, the result of a one-day strike today by Belgian unions.

Estonian Air flight OV 175/SN 4204 to Brussels at 7:00 this morning was cancelled, as well as OV 177/SN 4202, which was scheduled to take off at 18:15 today. Two Inbound flights from Brussels, OV 176/SN 4203 at 12:50, and OV 178/SN 4201 at 23:50 have also been called off. Those on canceled flights can call passenger information at +372 605 8888.

Public transport is also at a standstill in Brussels and two other districts.

The three unions involved in the walkout are protesting the government’s plans for revisions of the pension and social security systems. The government wants new contracts to increase the retirement age to 67 by 2030 from 65 today.

Phillipe Peers, the secretary of the CGSP union, told Euronews that the action had been called because the government is “attacking the workers while giving gifts to big companies, to the rich.”

Trade unions are also threatening a wider, general strike next week.

Earlier this month, flights between Tallinn and Frankfurt were cancelled over three days due to a German pilots' strike over benefits, and Lufthansa, the German airline, has suffered a series of work stoppages through the year.

Editor: L. Velsker, S. Abel

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