Initial campaign costs published – coalition parties broke the bank ({{commentsTotal}})

National election campaign costs were far higher than expected for the three parties locked in coalition talks – the Reform Party, Social Democrats and IRL.

The Reform Party said in November they are likely to spend around 1.2 million euros, but that figure is expected to hit the 1.8-1.9-million-euro mark now.

IRL's own pre-election estimate of 900,000 euros has risen to 1.5 million after the campaign while the Social Democrats planned to spend 500,000 but ended up spending closer to 800,000 euros.

The Center Party said they planned to spend less than a million euros, and according to party Secretary General Priit Toobal that goal was achieved.

Both the Free Party and the Conservative People's Party spent around 100,000 euros.

Parties will have to hand the Political Party Funding Oversight Committee the final figures on April 10.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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