Narva scores 300 jobs in new factory ({{commentsTotal}})

Russian water filter manufacturer Aquaphor today opened a new factory in Narva, its second in Estonia, creating 300 new jobs.

The new plant produces water purifying systems, and is the largest and most modern of its type in Europe.

Around 40 people began work in the factory, with that figure increasing to 300 by next fall, when it achieves maximum capacity.

The Sillamäe plant opened in 2012. The company earned 2.7 million euros in profit last year, on a 15-million turnover.

A foundation which operates four industrial parks in NE Estonia recently said it is hoping to create 4,400 new jobs in the next five years. The region is economically deprived, compared to much of the rest of the country, with only a large mining and energy sector to show, which does employ many high-paid laborers but has recently suffered cut-backs due to the low price of oil.

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