'Elron' and 'Laulupidu' the top Estonian search words on Google in 2014 ({{commentsTotal}})

Google’s annual report, the Year in Search, which shows the terms and topics of most interest on its popular search engine for Estonia, is a smattering of local events, personalities, and global technology trends in 2014.

The death of comedian Robin Williams, the World Cup, and Ebola got the most play globally. But in Estonia, "Elron", the state-owned passenger rail operator which sells its tickets online, the Estonian song festival "Laulupidu," which was held in July, and the new “Iphone 6”, which was released in September, were the top search word concerns of Estonian users.

First Lady Evelin Ilves, who was a fixture of the Estonian tabloid press in the summer, and Estonian singer and musician Jaak Joala, who died in September, were the most searched Estonian personalities of the year, while two Americans, actress Jennifer Lawrence and social media personality Kim Kardashian, were at the top of global searches.

Estonians apparently like pancakes, mojitos and brownies. Those were the top searched recipes locally in 2014.

One stumper on the index was the top search phrase, "kes varastas jõehobu?" (Who stole the hippopatamus?), which is mostly likely a phrase used by local blogs in a "Google bomb" to drive up its favorability in the index. "Who is a bigamist?" and "Who is a pioneer?" were also popular search phrases.

"Elections" and "Tallinn" topped Google's Most Searched Lists for 2013. Tallinn had been among the favorites since 2008, but did not make the top 10 this year.

You can see the complete list here.

Editor: S. Abel, S. Tambur

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