Viljandi shooting update: Widower of teacher receives compensation ({{commentsTotal}})

The Cabinet today decided to hand the husband of the killed Viljandi school teacher 12,300 euros.

The money will come from the state reserve and be paid to the husband of Ene Sarap, who was shot and killed at the end of October in Estonia's first school shooting.

Viljandi city has helped in funeral preparations and financially.


A psychological report on the 15-year-old pupil who has been arrested for the killing, will be completed by the beginning of January.

Kristina Kostina, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office, told that the preliminary investigation is still in process.

The pupil, identified by the media as Vahur, was taken to a medical institution a day after the murder.

On October 27, a student shot and killed Sarap, 56, during a lesson at the Paalalinna School in Viljandi. No others were harmed, and the shooter did not resist arrest.

According to Estonian laws, minors of at least 14-years old can be prosecuted, and the student, if found guilty, can face up to 10 years in prison.

Editor: A. Krjukov, J.M. Laats