Mikser praises Lithuania for defense model overhaul ({{commentsTotal}})

Sven Mikser Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Defense Minister Sven Mikser has welcomed amendments recently adopted by the Lithuanian parliament on use of military forces in peacetime, partly in response to the growing awareness of hybrid warfare and meddling on NATO's borders.

"Lithuania's decision to update its legal governance of national defense is praiseworthy. Estonia is doing this as well, although from a slightly different angle," Mikser told uudised.err.ee.

Mikser gave the example of the draft National Defense Act recently introduced in Estonian Parliament, also having to do with response to non-classical security threats.

"The Ukraine crisis has shown that Russia is using not only military measures but economic ones, information warfare and other means. This crisis can be confronted the same way, through a comprehensive national defense model," he said.

"One key innovation in this draft legislation is the introducion of the concept of heightened defense readiness," Mikser went on. "That means there is an additional intermediate alert level between peacetime and war, whch allows the state to be better prepared for potential threats and attacks."

But, said Mikser, Estonia already had a system for peacetime use of armed forces such as the one Lithuania adopted, allowing it to deploy troops and home guard under the Emergency Act in a potential "little green men" scenario.

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