Winter conditions move in, just in time for holiday ({{commentsTotal}})

Chronological winter has coincided with a change in the weather. The town of Otepää, the country's top Nordic skiing center and "winter capital," rang in the official start of the season at 1:02 early this morning, while Tallinners woke up to a few centimeters of fluffy white coating the city.

The National Weather Service has been on the fence about prospects for a white Christmas, but it currently looks like it could indeed happen in many mainland areas.

Although last night's snow was localized, this evening and on into early Tuesday morning should bring more snow and sleet moving across the country, with south winds moderate with strong gusts. Temperatures will be 1-3 C on the islands, 0 in Tallinn and below freezing to the south and east. The precipitation could be in the form of rain in the west and on the islands, however, says the forecast.

Tuesday will be a transitional day, with temperatures ranging from -6 C in the inland east to +2 C on the islands, and about -1 C in Tallinn.

Starting on Christmas Eve Day, the whole country including the islands should be in the grip of freezing temperatures, though additional snowfall will be scant. Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be -2 to -8 C with possible light snow.

Editor: K. Rikken