Number of marriages and births on the rise in capital ({{commentsTotal}})

The Tallinn Registrar's Office reports that 250 more couples have married this year than in 2013. The number of births has also gone up a bit, while the number of divorces is roughly the same.

Karin Kask, the head of the Tallinn Registrar's Office, said that the fact that there are more births this year may be explained by the rising number of inhabitants in Tallinn.

The reason for the stable number of divorces is more prosaic: in the current economic climate, many cannot afford to pay the high state fees needed to get a divorce.

The new parents hail from 72 different countries. According to Kask, it is mostly the fathers who are non-Estonian.

The graph shows the number of babies born to mixed couples in 2013, where the mother is an Estonian citizen and the father of a different nationality.

Editor: M. Oll