Estonians concerned about unemployment but not crime ({{commentsTotal}})

Eurobarometer survey shows that Estonians continue to worry about jobs and social security, but show little concern for crime and terrorism.

Estonians are mostly concerned about unemployment (30 percent), health and social security (29 percent), economic situation (28 percent) and rising prices (25 percent), reveals the latest Eurobarometer survey. Unlike many other nations, Estonians are not worried about government debt, with only one percent of the respondents citing it as cause for concern. Housing, terrorism and immigration too come in the bottom of the list.

This autumn 6 percent of the respondents from Estonia named crime as an important national concern, in comparison to the 9-percent EU average. The concern over crime has dropped dramatically in the last decade. Ten years ago 42 percent of the respondents mentioned it as a problem and it remained one of the top three key concerns until 2008, when the economic worries took over.

Unemployment continues to be the main national concern (45 percent in average) in the EU member states, followed by the economic situation and immigration. In terms of the issues facing the EU as an organisation, economic situation comes up first and the state of member states public finances is also cited a lot.

Editor: M. Oll

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