Runway incident at Tallinn airport not investigated ({{commentsTotal}})

The Civil Aviation Administation safety investigation board will not investigate a December 22 incident involving a Ryanair plane which attempted to land at Tallinn's Lennart Meri Airport with another flight on the ground on the same runway, deciding that the episode was not that dangerous.

In that incident, a Ryannair Boeing 737, flying from Milan, Italy, was on final approach to the airport. However, a Flybe ATR 72 turboprop flight, operated by Finnair from Helsinki, had not yet cleared the runway.

The Ryanair flight touched down briefly, accelerated and became airborne again, and then climbed to a safe altitude. The plane subsequently circled and landed about 10 minutes later when the runway had been cleared. 

Flight Control Department manager Üllar Salumäe told TV3, according to Postimees, that even if the Ryanair flight had landed on its first attempt to land the plane, it would not be led to a collision between the two.

A ground observer videotaped the go-around among other flights, which you can watch below. The landing of Flybe and Go-Around of FR-4764 starts 1:14 into the video.

Editor: M. Himma, S. Abel

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