Pärnu tourism sector continues to push for airport expansion ({{commentsTotal}})

Tourism companies in Pärnu have not given up on the idea to renovate the airstrip of Pärnu airport, which would allow aircraft other than small private planes to land there.

Currently only small planes take off for the islands of Ruhnu and Kihnu and the 800-meter airstrip is not long enough to handle larger aircraft.

The tourism sector of the city have petitioned the government for funds to renovate the rest of the 2.5 kilometer airstrip, but have so far been denied due to the unsuccessful Tartu airport project.

Kaire Ilus, of the Pärnumaa Turism Foundation, said that the efforts will continue and they will meet with the ministers in the beginning of the year,to discuss how to move forward with the project.

Pärnu Airport manager Erki Teemäe said he is glad that the debate around the airport has not died down. "We have already renovated 800 meters and the airport is still intact as far as its territory is concerned. I think it is a good basis on which to build a longer airstrip and restore the business," he added.

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