Estonia preparing to burn off nearly 100,000 euros in fireworks displays ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Towns across Estonia will spend around 92,000 euros today on New Year celebration fireworks, slightly more than the 89,000 spent last year, with Tallinn and Rakvere leading the way.

The 47 towns themselves will only spend 48,000 euros, with the rest coming from sponsors, Õhtuleht reported, adding that the pre-ressession record of 101,000 euros spent in 2008, still stands.

The top spender is Tallinn (population 393,000 according to latest census), which will add 9,750 euros to 3,000 stumped up by sponsors, but totaling far less than the 16,500 spent last year. Rakvere (pop. 15,000) will spend 750 euros, which will be supplemented by 6,750 by sponsors to take it to second place, with Viljandi (pop. 17,000) third with 5,800 euros (of which 4,800 will come from sponsors).

Ten towns will not hold a fireworks display, while Mõisaküla (pop 800) will only spend 200 euros, followed by Sindi (pop. 4,000) with 500 euros and Karksi-Nuia (pop. 2,000) with 568 are the most frugal.

Editor: J.M. Laats