Nestor: Three parties stand a chance of winning the election ({{commentsTotal}})

Parliament's Speaker Eiki Nestor said that aside for the IRL, all other parliamentary parties are capable of winning the 2015 general election.

He predicted that there will be no great surprises in the election results, as the emotions on which basis many people make their final decision have not changed. The Reform Party gets votes from people who feel successful, IRL from those who feel patriotic, social democrats from those who deem themselves sensible and the Center Party from those who feel disadvantaged. "It has been like this for a long time and it won't change any time soon," he told Postimees in an interview.

The number of parliamentary parties is also likely to stay the same, as the newcomers fail to distinguish themselves, in his opinion. He added that four parties is hardly enough, for four can easily become three and then two, and he would prefer five or six to get a mandate.

Nestor also said that the current government has fared better than expected. The 2015 budget talks were the calmest he has witnessed in his 22 years in the Parliament and the passing of the Cohabitation Act was a success. "I'm not ashamed to say that Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas has been better than anyone could have hoped for, or feared for, in the beginning. And the government as a whole has been better than we hoped or feared for."

Editor: M. Oll