2015 rung in without major mischief, but police kept busy ({{commentsTotal}})

With all of its potential for trouble between overindulgence and private firework displays, New Year's Eve passed without major incident this year, although law enforcement had to respond to many calls.

Police responded a total of 552 times on New Year's Eve, according to uudised.err.ee. There had been 26 drunk driving arrests made by noon on January 1. As in most years, altercations, usually between intoxicated individuals, were the main type of incident. In three cases, a person sustained knife wounds, and one man received a severe beating in Kärdla on Hiiumaa Island, said Marti Magnus of the police division responsible for readiness and response.

Although the holiday-related festivities in public did not result in any serious injuries or worse, there were several house fires on December 31 and January 1, one of them, in Tartu County, involving a fatality.

Editor: K. RIkken