Mikser: We did 4 years of work in less than 9 months ({{commentsTotal}})

Social Democrat chairman Sven Mikser said his party completed the work of a usual full term in just nine months in government.

He told uudised.err.ee that his party, which swapped out IRL in the government in March, pushed through a child benefit increase, free school lunches for all students, completed the domestic passenger ferry tender, set limits to pay-day loan ads, adopted a new rural development plan, improved methods to draw child support from deadbeat parents, increased the salaries of teachers, increased the number of students receiving state support and boosted pensions.

The most important achievement, he said, was the raising of child benefits while the greatest challenge was the European Parliament elections, which took place shortly after joining the government.

The aim at the March 1 parliamentary elections is to win and form the next government, said Mikser. “We have a good program which has vision and our strongest election list to date which could win in many counties and in at least two election districts in Tallinn.”

Mikser said he did not want to forecast how many seats his party will win.

The Social Democrats won 19 seats in 2011, although a number of Center Party members joined the faction and the party after the elections. In 2007 the party won just 10 seats, and in 2003 only six seats.

Editor: A. Krjukov, J.M. Laats