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Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Estonian Ministry of the Interior has published a list of most popular baby names of 2014. Rasmus and Sofia continue to top the chart.

Whereas the top five of the boys names is very much unchanged, with the exception of Oliver being overtaken by Markus, in the girls category Eliise (perhaps inspired by the popular pre-Eurovision song contest entry "Für Elise" by Traffic) has undergone a great rise and is now the second most popular name for a little girl.

New in the list for boys, compared to 2013, are Karl, Hugo and Kirill, pushing Kaspar, Gregor and Mattias out of the top 25. Trends for girl names are only slightly more variable, Diana, Annabel, Emilia and Emily making room for Lenna, Elisabeth, Marleen and Nora.

Top 25


Rasmus (91), Artjom (89), Robin (83), Martin (80), Oliver (74), Romet (71), Sebastian (70), Robert (68), Artur (64), and Maksim (63), Markus (60), Marten (60), Karl (58), Kristofer (58), Oskar (57), Daniel (56), Hugo (56), Henri (55), Mark (54), Nikita (53), Kirill (52), Sander (52), Kevin (51), Aleksandr (50), Daniil (50).


Sofia (102), Eliise (74), Maria (73), Mia (71), Lisandra (60), Mirtel (59), Sandra (58), Emma (55), Laura (55), Darja (50), Arina (49), Milana (48), Alisa (47), Anastasia (47), Lenna (47), Liisa (47), Anna (45), Viktoria (45), Elisabeth (44), Polina (44), Marta (42), Aleksandra (39), Marleen (38), Hanna (37), Nora (37).

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