Swedish Match declines business with Conservative People's Party over Cohabitation Act rejection ({{commentsTotal}})

The Swedish match manufacturer Swedish Match said it will not fill an order by Estonian Conservative People's Party for 50,000 match boxes with a slogan against the controversial Cohabitation Act, passed last year by Parliament.

“The reason given was that the text on the match boxes does not meet the tolerance levels of the Swedish society and is discriminating,” Urmas Espenberg, a spokesman for the party, told Delfi.

The design featured the sentence “Tuld kooseluseaduse pihta!” translated as “Open fire at the Cohabitation Act!” printed on blue-black-white colors.

The party heavily protested the act, which gives same-sex couples more legal rights.

Espenberg said they have now signed a deal with a Lithuanian company for the order.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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