Troubled cargo ship Sylvia towed to port of Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

Cargo ship Sylvia, that suffered an engine failure on the Baltic Sea on Thursday, has been towed to the port of Tallinn.

Sylvia, sailing under the the Antiqua and Barbuda flag, sent out a distress call after losing control over its steering system as a result of engine failure. Tow ship Pallas reached the troubled vessel at around 20:00 on Thursday evening. Finnish ship Turva was assisting the salvage operation.

Ilmar Karhro of the Police and Border Guard Board told that the crew alerted the Estonian authorities about the engine failure and asked for a tow ship. It has now safely reached Tallinn.

According to the Finnish caostguard, Sylvia is an 80-meter cargo ship carrying cement. Prior to the difficulties, it was on its way to Joensuu port in Finland. The crew managed to anchor at the international waters near Porvoo.

The weather conditions at the scene were adverse, with the wave height around 3 meters.

Editor: M. Oll