ERR News honors slain cartoonists ({{commentsTotal}})

ERR News contributor Toon Vugts, known to readers for his years of work on Sketchbook, designed ERR News's own"front page" image honoring the 12 who lost their lives in the attack on the satirical weekly in Paris.

It departs from the overused pen vs. automatic weapon motif, doesn't try to copy Charlie's approach and style, and honors the staff in a quirky manner.

Editor: K. Rikken

Kallas, Kasemets, Maasikas: EU is strong, no upside to losing the euro

Speaking on Vikerraadio's "Reporteritund" ahead of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Siim Kallas, Keit Kasemets and Matti Maasikas agreed that despite its prblems, the EU remained strong as a union.

Opinion digest: How can Estonia shed its reputation as a frontline state?

In a recent opinion piece in Postimees, Propastop, a blog maintained by Estonian Defence Forces volunteers, listed suggestions on how Estonia could shed its international reputation as a frontline state.