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Elections closing in
Elections closing in Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Three of the four major parties released election lists over the weekend, with IRL already publishing its list for the March 1 elections a month ago.

There were few surprises in the top of the lists, with Edgar Savisaar, Taavi Rõivas and Sven Mikser all leading their respective party national lists.

Jürgen Ligi is set for a come-back as the Reform Party's number two candidate on the national level, with Urmas Paet four, although he is unlikely to return from Brussels. Of the newcomers, former Defense Forces' chief Ants Laaneots is on 12, Anne Sulling 17, Maris Lauri 27, Heidy Purga 40 and Eerik-Niiles Kross on 42 out of 125 places.

Purga is placed second, after Kristen Michal, in the Haabersti, Kristiina and Põhja-Tallinn joint district. The party is out in full force in Nõmme and Mustamäe with Paet, Lauri, Kross, party general secretary Martin Kukk and poet and former minister Paul-Eerik Rummo.

The PM himself is running in the largest electoral district of Harju and Rapla counties, alongside former minister Laine Randjärv and new recruit Yoko Alender.

The Center Party has opted for Kadri Simson and Enn Eesmaa as the number two and three, while Jüri Ratas, who just went short of proposing a leadership change in favor of Simson, is first in Harju and Rapla joint district.

The party has also named 125 candidates for the 101 MP spots. Click here for the district lists and here for the national list.

The Social Democrats, like IRL, also have a great number of new faces, although not all party members. Journalist Andrei Hvostov is running in Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita joint district, ex-Center Party MP Olga Sõtnik and ex-Reform Silver Meikar are listed in Mustamäe and Nõmme district, Tanel Talve in Jõgeva and Tartu counties and Mihkel Raud is heading the drive in Tartu.

SDE has also named 125 candidates, the maximum number allowed for a party. Click here for the district lists and here for the national list.

Of the smaller parties, the Free Party also unveiled its candidates going with party head Andres Herkel as top candidate. Herkel will run in the Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita district in Tallinn.

The party has listed 125 names, including the activist Jevgeni Krištafotvitš, actor Ain Lutsep, film producer Artur Talvik, TV presenter Emil Rutiku, and actor and musician Peeter Volkonski. Click here for the district lists and here for the national list.

Kristiina Ojuland said fewer candidates means less headache for the voter, adding that her party will only name a few names for each district.

The Greens are also expected to publish its list while both IRL and the Conservative People's Party have already come out with their names.

Parties and individual candidates have until Thursday evening to register candidates for the March 1 national election.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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