Ukrainians probably now allowed to use heavy weapons, says retired Estonian general ({{commentsTotal}})

Former Estonian Commander in Chief Ants Laaneots said fighting has intensified in eastern Ukraine after government forces received the green light to respond to separatist artillery, which had been used against Ukrainian forces up to 63 times a day.

From September until now, Ukrainian forces had been banned from using heavy artillery. Laaneots said it appears the head of the security council visited the front and lifted the ban.

Laaneots said he is skeptical of the latest meeting of German, French, Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers, adding that any success depends on Russian FM Sergey Lavrov.

“Lavrov was humiliated in Paris at the weekend, placed in the back for ambassadors, not in the front with heads of state. Russians are already crying foul that this was a great embarrassment. Putin is in a very complicated situation. A breakthrough is needed by Russia has a great ego which has been pushed. And it all boils down to the world depending on one person, who has gone mad,” he said.

Laaneots recently joined the Reform Party and is running for office.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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