National police: Groups of African illegal immigrants increased in 2014 ({{commentsTotal}})

The number of illegal immigration attempts doubled last year on Estonia's borders, according to the Police and Border Guard Administration, with a trend being the increased share of Africans over the Russian border.

While the numbers of cases labeled illegal immigration attempts (increase from 15 to 31) are too low to draw conclusions, there were a number of cases involving Sudanese and Vietnamese nationals in southeastern Estonia.

Several Sudanese drowned or had hypothermia. Locals living in the lightly populated area have long sought to play up the scale of illegal immigrants, hoping to draw more attention from Tallinn.

The border guard says the number of migrants from Asia is down and the number of AFricans is up in recent years.

All told, there were 160 illegal border crossings on the Estonian-Russian de facto border. That also presumably includes locals and lost (or FSB-employed) fishermen, and that figure was down by 48 cases from 2013.

Editor: K. Rikken