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Vote for me! Source: Photo: ERR

So far only four people have registered to run for Parliament outside political parties, although the deadline for registration is on January 15.

Chief of Staff at the National Electoral Committee, Priit Vinkel, said that four years ago, at the previous parliamentary election, there were 32 individual candidates.

The deposit to run has been halved from two minimum salaries to just one, meaning anyone running for office will have to come up with 355 euros, the minimum salary at the time of announcing the elections.

A number of new political parties have popped up, including the Free Party which has named many candidates who are not party members and has said membership is not a priority for its candidates.

In 2011, individual candidates received a total of 15,882 votes. Mart Helme, now of the Conservative People's Party, won 2,467 while his son Martin won 1,753. Former high-ranking officer Leo Kunnas picked up 3,267 and Mark Soosaar 1,874 votes.

Editor: J.M. Laats