Reform Party collects most donation money in 2014 ({{commentsTotal}})

Former Prime Minister Andrus Ansip waves a Reform Party flag.
Former Prime Minister Andrus Ansip waves a Reform Party flag. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

The Reform Party pulled in 464,000 euros in donations last year, more than the Center Party and the Social Democrats combined together.

IRL was second in the table with 364,000 euros, followed by the Social Democrats with 204,000 and the Center Party with 153,000. Outside the Parliament, the Conservative People's Party received the largest amount in donations with 40,000 euros.

Donations account for a small amount of a political party's income. The total income table is again topped by the ruling Reform Party, with a total of 2.26 million euros, of which 1.76 million came from state coffers. The party also earned 7,000 euros from property and 25,000 in membership fees.

IRL raked in 1.6 million euros, of which 1.23 came directly from the state. The Center Party was next with slightly below 1.6 million, although its share of state aid was higher with 1.39 million and the party pulled in the highest amount, 50,000, in membership fees.

The Social Democrats earned 1.25 million euros last year, with slightly over 1 million coming from the state.

Editor: J.M. Laats