NYT film critic: Ulfsak made a mark on a global stage with his performance in 'Tangerines' ({{commentsTotal}})

New York Times film critic Larry Rohter talked to ETV's news program "Aktuaalne Kaamera" about this year's Oscar nominees for the best foreign film category.

Rohter said there were surprises among the nominees.

"A lot of people were expecting the Swedish film "Force Majeure" to get a nomination, it was on a lot of lists. It was seen that there were four films that were guaranteed slots and there would be a battle for the fifth slot, with "Tangerines" competing with the Mauritanian film "Timbaktu" for that last slot. Instead they both got nominations and it was the Swedish film that didn't make the final cut," Rohter said.

He also praised Lembit Ulfsak's "strong and compelling" performance in the "Tangerines".

In Rohter's opinion, there are two strong favorites: Russia's "Leviathan" and Poland's "Ida". The fact that for the past four years, the award has gone to the film that also got the Golden Globe, suggests that the former will be the bookies favorite.

Editor: M. Oll

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