Italian MEP Chiesa could return to Estonia as entry ban expires ({{commentsTotal}})

Italian journalist Giulieto Chiesa said he plans to return to Estonia on January 23 after his one-month no-entry ban expired a few days ago.

Chiesa was due to speak at a pro-Kremlin NGO event in mid-December, but received a no-entry ban a few days earlier and was escorted by authorities out of Estonia from his hotel.

That ban has now expired and the Ministry of the Interior is being tight-lipped over a possible new ban.

"I must emphasize that the government continues with the right to ban people from entering Estonia for the reasons that concern security and public order disturbance,” Erkki Koort, the Deputy Secretary General for Internal Security Policy at the ministry, told Postimees.

Chiesa said that he will give a speech at the NGO Impressum titled “European democracy: a threat to Russia?”

On Monday, Chiesa filed documents at the Tallinn's Administrative Court, suing the Estonian state for the entry ban.

Editor: J.M. Laats