Curly Strings makes a clean sweep at Estonian Music Awards ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian folk band Curly Strings goes home with most important awards at the annual Estonian music industry awards ceremony.

Curly Strings, consisting of Eeva Talsi (fiddle, vocal), Villu Talsi (mandolin, vocal), Jalmar Vabarna (guitar, vocal), Taavet Niller (double bass, vocal), debuted just last year. Playing a folk-infused, energetic, violin-heavy, catchy tunes, the band won over the Estonian music market last year, their debut "Üle Ilma" becoming a best-seller.

Curly Strings won an Estonian Music Award in four categories: Best Album, Best Band, Best Debut Album, and Best Song.

An alternative dance artist Maria Minerva who has resided in London and New York for many years and has a cult following over there, was a somewhat surprise winner, notching up two awards: Best Female Artist and Best Electronica Album.

Dance-folk band Trad.Attack! also won in two categories: Best Etno/Folk Album and Best Video.

The ambitious award ceremony, presented by Eda-Ines Etti and Ott Lepland, saw performances by Tanja, Ewert & The Two Dragons, Curly Strings, Karl-Erik Taukar, Elephants From Neptune, Genka & Paul Oja and Getter Jaani and Risto Vürst.

Estonian Music Awards Winners 2015

Best Album - Curly Strings "Üle ilma“

Best Band - Curly Strings "Üle ilma“

Best Debut Album - Curly Strings "Üle ilma“

Best Male Artist - Karl-Erik Taukar "Vääramatu jõud“

Best Female Artist - Maria Minerva "Histrionic“

Best Classical Album - Galina Grigorjeva. In paradisum. Estonian National Male Choir, conductor Mikk Üleoja

Best Jazz Album - Estonian Voices "Ole hea“

Best Etno/Folk Album – Trad.Attack! "Trad.Attack!“

Best Electronica Album - Maria Minerva "Histrionic“

Best Alternative/Indie Album - Vaiko Eplik 7 "Nõgesed“

Best Metal Album – Metsatöll "Karjajuht“

Best Rock Album - Elephants From Neptune "Pressure & Pleasure“

Best Pop Album - Karl-Erik Taukar "Vääramatu jõud“

Best Video - Trad.Attack! "Kuukene“ (director Martti Helde)

Best Song - Curly Strings "Kauges külas“ (Authors: Eeva Talsi/Kristiina Ehin)

Best HipHop/Rap Album - Genka / Paul Oja "Genka / Paul Oja“

Lifetime Contribution Award - Jaak Joala (posthumously)



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