Wanted in Estonia for embezzlement, tapped for cabinet minister in Afghanistan ({{commentsTotal}})

An Afghan businessman who fled authorities in Estonia over alleged financial crimes has emerged as the top pick for agriculture minister in his home country.

Mohammad Yaqub Haidari's checkered past at a dairy in Rapla, Estonia, was apparently not known in Afghanistan governing circles when President Ashraf Ghani made the nomination.

Haidari, the onetime director of AS Lacto and AS Rapla Dairy, skipped town in 2004 after Rapla Dairy went bankrupt. In 2011, four years after the case first went to court, he was sentenced to four years in prison in absentia.

News.err.ee reported that year that Haidari was once a candidate for honorary citizenship.

Haidari, who once said he was unable to attend the court proceedings because of an injury suffered in a bomb blast, now told Reuters he was the target of a "political conspiracy."


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