Center Party looks for public backing for its 1,000-euro minimum wage idea ({{commentsTotal}})

The Center Party has began a national drive for signatures to back its 1,000 euro gross minimum salary idea, which would near-triple the minimum wage.

Party secretary general Priit Toobal said the signatures will be presented to Parliament.

“Statistics on salaries and emigration clearly show how we are losing people in their prime working age as low salaries do not allow good standard of living. The state must be decisive in the economy and speed up salary increases, or a similar stand-still position will remain,” Toobal said.

A signature to support the initiative can be given at any of the party's branch offices in Estonia.

The idea is by far the most radical from mainstream political parties before the elections, now less than 45 days away. Other parties have proposed a more stable growth to the minimum salary, currently at 390 euros. Center Party chairman Edgar Savisaar said a few weeks ago the nation should implement the 1,000-euro minimum already in 2015 or 2016.

Editor: J.M. Laats