Improve your Estonian: yearly vocabulary update ({{commentsTotal}})

The results of the latest annual neologisms competition are in. You can now impress your Estonian friends by casually dropping the newest words in the Estonian language into the conversation.

For years now the Institute of Estonian Language and its partner institutions have run competitions to find new ways of expressing foreign or novel concepts by using Estonian, or Estonian-sounding, stems. Like this year's winner nuhvel, for example, a cross between nutitelefon ("smartphone") and tahvelarvuti ("tablet"), that corresponds to the English neologism phablet.

Other new words include kõnejuht ("moderator"), sujundama ("to streamline"), kolmekogu ("tripartite negotiations"), aasristmik ("tiered intersection"), huvipool ("stakeholder), and ERR News's personal favorite nöha ("a cold", literally "a runny nose and a cough").

This year's competition was as popular as ever, with 3,000 suggested words from 850 individuals.

You can see the detailed results and more new words here (in Estonian).

Editor: M. Oll

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