Madise: immunity for MPs outside of Parliament work unjustified ({{commentsTotal}})

Immunity for members of Parliament is outdated if there is suspicion of wrongdoing and if a crime needs to be investigated, says the appointee for Chancellor of Justice, Ülle Madise.

She told ERR that the Supreme Court has also come to the conclusion that MPs should be allowed to be investigated if the crime is not connected to the MP's own position. Madise added that the President has also spoken about the issue, coming to the same conclusions.

Madise told MPs it will not be difficult to maintain neutrality. “But it will be harder to explain that what is held as unjust is not always unconstitutional,” she said, adding that stupidity, for example, does not go against the Constitution.

She said people are using the Constitution more and more to justify their personal interests and the document is not a means she or the courts can use to further their own causes.

“It is a constitutional institution and the system of separation of powers has great importance in creating balance,” Madise said, speaking about her new position, which she will take over on March 10 for the next seven years. Madise's appointment was confirmed by Parliament on Tuesday.

Editor: J.M. Laats

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