Outdoor media campaign season ends tonight ({{commentsTotal}})

Midnight tonight marks the deadline for removal of election campaign posters from streets as the election campaign enters the next phase, the active campaigning period.

Under the Election Act, candidates, logos, other distinguishing marks or platforms may not be advertised on buildings and other public areas and vehicles less than 40 days before the election. Violators face a fine of 400 euros, 1300 euros for legal persons.

Ever since 2005, when advertisements for a sweet that resembled the Center Party's logo appeared on billboards after the cutoff date, parties have been under scrutiny, and tomorrow morning is sure to bring names and shame for any stray violators.

Also today, the electoral commission will approve candidate registration numbers. The final lists will be published on January 23. A total of 876 candidates are running in this year's parliamentary elections.

The election is on March 1 and advance voting and e-voting will start on February 19.